Do you snore?

Do you have high blood pressure?

Do you experience daytime fatigue?

Do you have type II diabetes?

Did you know these symptoms and diseases can be associated with the disorder Obstructive Sleep Apnea?

The good news is that OSA is manageable and we do it here, in house at Caceci Family Dentistry.

What You Need To Know

Snoring is more than just a noise. It is a common problem among all ages and genders, and it affects approximately 90 million adults. Snoring is a red flag you may have sleep apnea. Sleep Apnea can become life threatening if not treated. We can evaluate you to determine if you do have sleep apnea , and offer you a solution.

In most cases an oral device can be custom fabricated to hold the airway open at night, therefore allowing that important oxygen to enter into the body and bloodstream. These devices are allowing patients to wake feeling rested, and keep high energy levels throughout the day.

Is This Covered By Insurance

Treatment and devices for obstructive sleep apnea has been covered by most insurance companies, as well as MEDICARE!! Now , this may vary state to state, or office to office , but most offices are now billing medical insurance to cover your sleep apnea treatment.

What Is The first step

The first step would be to get evaluated at our office. We will have you fill out a questionnaire, take a look at your airway with instrumentation and if necessary take home an overnight sleep test. The sleep test will monitor your o2 intake , snoring , and apnea moments. From there, we will know how to proceed. We will be able to custom fit an appliance for you to wear at night. It is all very easy and only takes a couple of visits.